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Fregan Serif Font

Designers Note

This font is free for Personal Use Only.
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Character Map

character map

File Contents

File nameFile sizeFile typeOptions
__MACOSX - Folder  
__MACOSX/._Fregan Typeface 220 B unknown  
__MACOSX/Fregan Typeface - Folder  
__MACOSX/Fregan Typeface/._07-.jpg 528 B Image view
__MACOSX/Fregan Typeface/._05-.jpg 528 B Image view
__MACOSX/Fregan Typeface/._Fregan Serif Bold.otf 276 B Font File download
__MACOSX/Fregan Typeface/._Read Me.txt 417 B Text File view
__MACOSX/Fregan Typeface/._12-.jpg 528 B Image view
__MACOSX/Fregan Typeface/._02-.jpg 528 B Image view
__MACOSX/Fregan Typeface/._.DS_Store 120 B unknown  
__MACOSX/Fregan Typeface/._04-.jpg 528 B Image view
__MACOSX/Fregan Typeface/._01- (1).jpg 528 B Image view
__MACOSX/Fregan Typeface/._09-.jpg 528 B Image view
__MACOSX/Fregan Typeface/._15-.jpg 528 B Image view
__MACOSX/Fregan Typeface/._06-.jpg 528 B Image view
__MACOSX/Fregan Typeface/._13-.jpg 528 B Image view
__MACOSX/Fregan Typeface/._14-.jpg 528 B Image view
__MACOSX/Fregan Typeface/._10-.jpg 528 B Image view
__MACOSX/Fregan Typeface/._11-.jpg 528 B Image view
__MACOSX/Fregan Typeface/._08-.jpg 528 B Image view
__MACOSX/Fregan Typeface/._03-.jpg 528 B Image view
Fregan Typeface - Folder  
Fregan Typeface/08-.jpg 109 KB Image view
Fregan Typeface/01- (1).jpg 47 KB Image view
Fregan Typeface/06-.jpg 58 KB Image view
Fregan Typeface/04-.jpg 52 KB Image view
Fregan Typeface/14-.jpg 90 KB Image view
Fregan Typeface/13-.jpg 73 KB Image view
Fregan Typeface/15-.jpg 127 KB Image view
Fregan Typeface/10-.jpg 195 KB Image view
Fregan Typeface/05-.jpg 64 KB Image view
Fregan Typeface/03-.jpg 45 KB Image view
Fregan Typeface/.DS_Store 6 KB unknown  
Fregan Typeface/Fregan Serif Bold.otf 24 KB Font File download
Fregan Typeface/Read Me.txt 173 B Text File view
Fregan Typeface/11-.jpg 56 KB Image view
Fregan Typeface/07-.jpg 102 KB Image view
Fregan Typeface/12-.jpg 71 KB Image view
Fregan Typeface/02-.jpg 100 KB Image view
Fregan Typeface/09-.jpg 119 KB Image view

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