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Agathsya Font

Nota Dei Progettisti

This is a font made by Mr. Tahta Ega.

Made with the results of his own hand.

Made on July 11, 2020.

In Depok. Indonesia.

Please protect my copyright.

If you want to use for commercial, please contact my email at [email protected]

and if u want to donate me. feel free sent to my PayPal :

[email protected]

thank you

Mappa Caratteri

Mappa caratteri

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__MACOSX - Folder  
__MACOSX/Agathsya - Folder  
__MACOSX/Agathsya/._preview-agathsya-lorem-ipsum.jpg 261 B Image view
__MACOSX/Agathsya/._license.pdf 269 B PDF view
__MACOSX/Agathsya/._preview-agathsya-ending.jpg 171 B Image view
__MACOSX/Agathsya/._preview-agathsya-simbol.jpg 320 B Image view
__MACOSX/Agathsya/._preview-agathsya-cover.jpg 320 B Image view
__MACOSX/Agathsya/._preview-agathsya-image-mockup.jpg 171 B Image view
__MACOSX/Agathsya/._preview-agathsya-sosmed-post.jpg 261 B Image view
__MACOSX/Agathsya/._preview-agathsya-logo-image.jpg 261 B Image view
agathsya.ttf 145 KB Font File download
Agathsya - Folder  
Agathsya/preview-agathsya-cover.jpg 242 KB Image view
Agathsya/OpenType-PS - Folder  
Agathsya/OpenType-PS/agathsya.otf 44 KB Font File download
Agathsya/license.pdf 486 KB PDF view
Agathsya/OpenType-TT - Folder  
Agathsya/OpenType-TT/agathsya.ttf 145 KB Font File download
Agathsya/preview-agathsya-ending.jpg 214 KB Image view
Agathsya/preview-agathsya-simbol.jpg 347 KB Image view
Agathsya/preview-agathsya-logo-image.jpg 306 KB Image view
Agathsya/Web-TT - Folder  
Agathsya/Web-TT/agathsya.html 660 B unknown  
Agathsya/Web-TT/agathsya.css 450 B unknown  
Agathsya/Web-TT/agathsya.eot 57 KB unknown  
Agathsya/Web-TT/agathsya.ttf 143 KB Font File download
Agathsya/Web-TT/agathsya.woff 73 KB unknown  
Agathsya/preview-agathsya-image-mockup.jpg 336 KB Image view
Agathsya/preview-agathsya-lorem-ipsum.jpg 312 KB Image view
Agathsya/preview-agathsya-sosmed-post.jpg 378 KB Image view

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Nome designer: Egha's Studio
Licenza per font: Gratis per uso personale
Sito web:

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