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Anoxic Light Font

Nota Dei Progettisti

Anoxic is a Semi-Stencil typeface family with a rounded finish with 16 styles in 4 families, Roman, Small Caps, Outline & Oblique, including small letters, 9 number sets and 3 uppercase letters, plus advanced Open functions Type.

Anoxic fonts is a semi-stencil family design that gives it a futuristic and sci-fi look. Inspired by the Bauhaus school and is specially designed for use in small sizes for screen and printing.



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Anoxic Light FFP - Folder  
Anoxic Light FFP/Anoxic-small-caps-semi-stencil.png 71 KB Image view
Anoxic Light FFP/Anoxic-sans-serif-small-caps.png 26 KB Image view
Anoxic Light FFP/Anoxic-sans-serif-small-caps-cites.png 170 KB Image view
Anoxic Light FFP/Anoxic-Specimen.pdf 238 KB PDF view
Anoxic Light FFP/deFharo-FREE_FOR_PERSONAL_USE_ONLY.pdf 39 KB PDF view
Anoxic Light FFP/Anoxic-sans-serif-semi-stencil.png 155 KB Image view
Anoxic Light FFP/Anoxic-sans-stencil-oblique.png 30 KB Image view
Anoxic Light FFP/Anoxic-Light.ttf 44 KB Font File download

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Nome designer: deFharo
Licenza per font: Gratis per uso personale
Sito web:
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