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San Frediano Font

Nota Dei Progettisti

San Frediano is a Geometric Sans Serif Font inspired by the famous neighborhood in Florence where is the Studio Monocromo.
San Frediano hides a lot of small details in its shapes which are visible at large size, just like the streets of the neighborhood hides surprises at every turn.
The height difference between Uppercase and Smallcase make it a good Web Font also suitable in typography, useful as Display or Text Font for newspaper’s headline or text, advertisings, corporate identity and much more.

San Frediano Family:
San Frediano Regular
San Frediano Regular Italic
San Frediano Bold
San Frediano Bold Italic
San Frediano Light
San Frediano Light Italic

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__MACOSX - Folder  
__MACOSX/._san-frediano-bold-italic.ttf 120 B Font File download
__MACOSX/._san-frediano-bold.ttf 120 B Font File download
__MACOSX/._san-frediano-light.ttf 120 B Font File download
__MACOSX/._san-frediano-italic.ttf 120 B Font File download
__MACOSX/._san-frediano-light-italic.ttf 120 B Font File download
__MACOSX/._readme.txt 171 B Text File view
__MACOSX/._san-frediano-regular.ttf 120 B Font File download
san-frediano-light-italic.ttf 123 KB Font File download
san-frediano-light.ttf 164 KB Font File download
san-frediano-bold-italic.ttf 115 KB Font File download
san-frediano-regular.ttf 136 KB Font File download
readme.txt 4 KB Text File view
san-frediano-bold.ttf 142 KB Font File download
san-frediano-italic.ttf 118 KB Font File download

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Nome designer: Monofonts
Licenza per font: Gratis per uso personale
Sito web:
Licenza commerciale:

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