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Nota Dei Progettisti

Seisdedos Dead are two font (Regular & Bold) of type stencil eroded by the use. A fun typographic game for the de-construction of the original letters, to print a worn style where the passage of time is appreciated. These typographies are descended from the fonts "Flamante Stencil"

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Seisdedos Dead -Demo fonts- - Folder  
Seisdedos Dead -Demo fonts-/SEISDEDOS-DEAD-REG.ttf 72 KB Font File download
Seisdedos Dead -Demo fonts-/SEISDEDOS-DEAD-Fonts-black.png 35 KB Image view
Seisdedos Dead -Demo fonts-/SEISDEDOS-DEAD-BOLD.ttf 137 KB Font File download
Seisdedos Dead -Demo fonts-/SEISDEDOS-DEAD URL.URL 278 B unknown  
Seisdedos Dead -Demo fonts-/deFharo-FREE_FOR_PERSONAL_USE_ONLY.pdf 39 KB PDF view
Seisdedos Dead -Demo fonts-/SEISDEDOS-DEAD-Fonts-man.png 144 KB Image view
Seisdedos Dead -Demo fonts-/SEISDEDOS-DEAD-Fonts-brown.png 56 KB Image view
Seisdedos Dead -Demo fonts-/SEISDEDOS-DEAD-Stencil-specimen.pdf 139 KB PDF view
Seisdedos Dead -Demo fonts-/POSTER-SEISDEDOS-DEAD-concrete.jpg 658 KB Image view

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Nome designer: deFharo
Licenza per font: Gratis per uso personale
Sito web:
Licenza commerciale:

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