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Shakerato Font

Nota Dei Progettisti

This license is for the personal usage/free usage only of font files downloaded from Fikri F Hasan - Vilova; you are not purchasing/licensing the copyright to the design of the fonts, you may not sublicense, sell, lease, or give away the fonts.

This is an agreement between you, the purchaser, and Fikri F Hasan - Vilova. By downloading you acknowledge your understanding and promise to comply with its terms.

If you are interested in the commercial use of this/these font(s) or using this/these font(s) in any manner outside the realm of "personal use," you can contact me at email: [email protected]

Thank you for being supportive,
Fikri F Hasan - Vilova

Mappa Caratteri

Mappa caratteri

Contenuto Del File

nome del filedimensionegenereopzioni
__MACOSX - Folder  
__MACOSX/._Shakerato-PERSONAL.otf 220 B Font File download
__MACOSX/._Shakerato-PERSONAL-Light.otf 220 B Font File download
__MACOSX/._Shakerato-PERSONAL-Inline.otf 220 B Font File download
__MACOSX/._Shakerato - ReadMe.txt 574 B Text File view
__MACOSX/._Shakerato-PERSONAL-Bold.otf 220 B Font File download
Shakerato-PERSONAL-Light.otf 132 KB Font File download
Shakerato-PERSONAL-Bold.otf 133 KB Font File download
Shakerato-PERSONAL-Inline.otf 196 KB Font File download
Shakerato-PERSONAL.otf 132 KB Font File download
Shakerato-PERSONAL-Outline.otf 211 KB Font File download
Shakerato - ReadMe.txt 749 B Text File view

Dettagli Carattere

Nome designer: Fikri F Hasan
Licenza per font: Gratis per uso personale
Sito web:
Licenza commerciale:

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