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Atiku Fonte

Nota Dos Designers

For the next generation, Atiku is the font of choice. This one-of-a-kind and opulent font family was designed from the ground up with beauty and exoticism in mind. Customers recognize the value, sophistication, and uniqueness of your brand with just one glance. Each style in this impressive collection was created to help you get the most out of your designs: ads, posts, and a slew of other creative projects are all made easier with this lovely typeface. This font can be easily optimized for any project or client thanks to its many OpenType features and 18 different styles. With our newest font family, you’ll be able to create stunning looks in minutes.

Terms Of Use
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This font is copyrighted and protected by the law. Usage of this font on any work without a proper license is deemed illegal. You might get fined at least USD 3000 for this act. Please do understand that we have our own system for tracking the usage of our works on the internet.


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Mapa De Caracteres

mapa de caracteres

Conteúdo Do Arquivo

nome do arquivotamanhotipoopções
Atikupersonaluse-BlackSlanted.otf 20 KB Font File Baixar
Atikupersonaluse-Thin.otf 20 KB Font File Baixar
Atikupersonaluse-SemiBold.otf 20 KB Font File Baixar
Atikupersonaluse-LightSlanted.otf 20 KB Font File Baixar
Atikupersonaluse-Slanted.otf 20 KB Font File Baixar
Atikupersonaluse-ThinSlanted.otf 20 KB Font File Baixar
Atikupersonaluse-BoldSlanted.otf 20 KB Font File Baixar
__MACOSX - Folder  
__MACOSX/._MUST READ.txt 509 B Text File view
Atikupersonaluse-SemBdSlant.otf 20 KB Font File Baixar
Atikupersonaluse-Regular.otf 20 KB Font File Baixar
Atikupersonaluse-Light.otf 20 KB Font File Baixar
Atikupersonaluse-Black.otf 19 KB Font File Baixar
Atikupersonaluse-ExtLtSlant.otf 20 KB Font File Baixar
Atikupersonaluse-MedSlant.otf 20 KB Font File Baixar
Atikupersonaluse-Medium.otf 20 KB Font File Baixar
Atikupersonaluse-ExtraBold.otf 20 KB Font File Baixar
Atikupersonaluse-ExtraLight.otf 20 KB Font File Baixar
Atikupersonaluse-ExtBdSlant.otf 20 KB Font File Baixar
Atikupersonaluse-Bold.otf 20 KB Font File Baixar
MUST READ.txt 2 KB Text File view

Detalhes Da Fonte

Nome do designer: rozi
Tipo De Licença: Grátis para uso pessoal
Licença comercial:

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