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Hello Christmas Fonte

Nota Dos Designers

Hello Script is a high contrast calligraphic script designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, featuring monoline swashes and terminals and strong, round body shapes designed with a parallel nib. It covers over 40 languages that use the Latin alphabet, with full range of accents and diacritics, and comes with over ten different swashes and two decorative fill typefaces (Hello Script Fill and Hello Script Striped Fill) to use as multilayer colour fonts.

Mapa De Caracteres

mapa de caracteres

Conteúdo Do Arquivo

nome do arquivotamanhotipoopções
__MACOSX - Folder  
__MACOSX/._Hello_Christmas_by_Zetafonts 222 B unknown  
__MACOSX/Hello_Christmas_by_Zetafonts - Folder  
__MACOSX/Hello_Christmas_by_Zetafonts/._HelloChristmas_DAFONT COVER 600X900 copy.png 239 B Image view
__MACOSX/Hello_Christmas_by_Zetafonts/._Hello-Christmas-trial.ttf 222 B Font File Baixar
__MACOSX/Hello_Christmas_by_Zetafonts/._HelloChristmas-CC-BY-NCLicensepdf.pdf 120 B PDF view
__MACOSX/Hello_Christmas_by_Zetafonts/._Hello-Christmas-Icon-Fill-trial.ttf 222 B Font File Baixar
__MACOSX/Hello_Christmas_by_Zetafonts/._.DS_Store 120 B unknown  
__MACOSX/Hello_Christmas_by_Zetafonts/._Hello Christmas_Commercial information.png 177 B Image view
__MACOSX/Hello_Christmas_by_Zetafonts/._Hello-Christmas-Fill-trial.ttf 222 B Font File Baixar
__MACOSX/Hello_Christmas_by_Zetafonts/._Hello-Christmas-Icon-trial.ttf 222 B Font File Baixar
Hello_Christmas_by_Zetafonts - Folder  
Hello_Christmas_by_Zetafonts/Hello-Christmas-Icon-Fill-trial.ttf 86 KB Font File Baixar
Hello_Christmas_by_Zetafonts/Hello Christmas_Commercial information.png 67 KB Image view
Hello_Christmas_by_Zetafonts/Hello-Christmas-trial.ttf 390 KB Font File Baixar
Hello_Christmas_by_Zetafonts/.DS_Store 6 KB unknown  
Hello_Christmas_by_Zetafonts/Hello-Christmas-Fill-trial.ttf 224 KB Font File Baixar
Hello_Christmas_by_Zetafonts/Hello-Christmas-Icon-trial.ttf 111 KB Font File Baixar
Hello_Christmas_by_Zetafonts/HelloChristmas-CC-BY-NCLicensepdf.pdf 182 KB PDF view
Hello_Christmas_by_Zetafonts/HelloChristmas_DAFONT COVER 600X900 copy.png 423 KB Image view

Detalhes Da Fonte

Nome do designer: Zetafonts
Tipo De Licença: Grátis para uso pessoal
Licença comercial:

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