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Flamante Stencil Font

Nota Dei Progettisti

Flamante is a new family of Stencil Army typefaces with three weights: Book, Medium and Bold, plus the corresponding italic versions.
Swiss-style fonts built on a 4 × 6 building grid formed with 144 x 119 units, two digits taken from the fibonacci and Perrin sequences, these measures define the width and height of the vertical and horizontal antlers and the overall proportion of the font. The metrics and kerning have been carefully set up for fluent reading in paragraph texts.

Mappa Caratteri

Mappa caratteri

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Flamante-Stencil-Medium-FFP.ttf 57 KB Font File download
Flamante Stencil URL.URL 287 B unknown  
Flamante-Stencil-Bold-FFP.ttf 57 KB Font File download
Flamante-Stencil-Book-FFP.ttf 59 KB Font File download
flamante-stencil-army-fonts-fb.jpg 340 KB Image view
Flamante-Stencil-specimen.pdf 338 KB PDF view

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Nome designer: deFharo
Licenza per font: Gratis per uso personale
Sito web:
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